Hi everyone.

Receive training on how to possibly get leads for your business.
It also has a Facebook group. The Facebook group provides an environment where members can ask questions and encourage each other to succeed online.


  1. Hi Delroy!

    thank you for putting up the links – I’m curious, but I would need more information. What are the opportunities for?

    I have heard about the term “Lead Generation” by checking out “MyLeadSystemPro” via James Hicks blog, which I’m totally fascinated by – it’s about attraction marketing – a gorgeous topic!

    Is “MyListBuild” about attraction marketing as well? I am subscribed to so many newsletters, before signing up, I would need more information.

    By the way, I love what you said in your about page about the wifi lifestyle. That’s what I’m interested in as well, totally! And I believe it’s possible, with the right plan of action. So I love to learn new things.

    Why not put up a video explaining the opportunities mentioned above? I would like to know more.

    Have a great day Delroy!

  2. Hi Benita

    Power Lead System is an online company that gives training on how to potentially get leads for your business.
    Power Lead System has videos that explain things clearer than I could.
    Feel free to click on the link.
    If it doesn’t work, feel free to type it into your browser.
    My Leads System Pro is another online marketing company.
    Thank you for your comment and interest.
    Best wishes.

    Delroy M

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